Meet Suzi

Suzi is Of The Night’s time traveling, party dazzling, sunrise chasing, howler at the moon.

Even at a young age, Suzi fantasized of being at the right place at the right time.

Suzi is that type of person you just wanna be around. 

Their bedroom walls are coated with iconic posters from the 70s, their closet is bursting with clothes from the 80s, their soundtrack features rotating mixtapes from the 90s, and their insatiable thirst for the now is all future, baby. Suzi is the purest embodiment of the great parties of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

With the perfect cocktail of Champagne, Caviar and Poppers, Suzi has crashed, hosted, and enchanted iconic parties transcending time and space. Grace Jones’ 30th? Oh, Suzi was there, cake in hand. The Bauhaus Ballet? Suzi was front and center. Woodstock? Suzi was one with the mud. Truman Capote’s Black & White Ball? They were the talk of the ball. Your 21st birthday party? Trust us, Suzi was there.

At Of The Night, we are inspired the Greats - those beacons of the party who constantly up their own ante. And Suzi is absolutely, positively, THE GREATEST. 

So join Suzi and Of The Night on our quest for the perfect party. That perfect party might just be tonight.

PS - Keep your eye out of Suzi at your next soirée. Can’t find them? Look for the chattiest person in the bathroom line.

Meet Suzi