Of The Night, Post-Patricia

It’s post-patricia. Do you know where your stilettos are?

We began this Of The Night journey in the heat of the pandemic as a means to connect with our community when we were cooped up in quarantine. When we could no longer have our big nights out, we decided to manifest epic nights IN. We did that for a whole year. We partied. We danced. Together. But separate.

At last we are together again IRL... and after twelve months of wearing flats, we need to get our feet back into four-inch-heel dance floor shape. Our Of The Night tip for blissful comfort in those vintage Gucci pumps: CBD balm on those tootsies. Lord Jones and Papa & Barkley are our faves.

The pendulum has swung from total lock down, to a mass home exodus. We’re right there with you. It’s going to be a while yet until things are completely back to normal (step back, Delta variant!), but our party will rage on.

We have some new offerings on deck.

  • Our package prices now include shipping!!
  • You can choose your party size (from 2 to 6 partiers) at check out!!
  • We will be releasing packages seasonally/four times a year, so each package will be available for a longer period of time!!
  • And our new Yearly Membership will save you $100 and send you an epic celebration every season!!

So think of us for that next birthday or anniversary gift.
Bring us on that next first date or to that classic summer BBQ.

We are continuing to evolve Of The Night to answer your call. We hear you.

Keep howling,

xx Your Queens Of The Night 

Of The Night, Post-Patricia