Every month, Of The Night ships a themed party package to your doorstep, complete with everything you’d want in a perfect night out, curated for the perfect night IN.

    One Time Only, Monthly Recurring Subscription OR 3 Party Bundle

    Check out our available in season package themes, released quarterly.

    Provide your pertinent delivery information, as well as your allergies and aversions. Once all info has been entered, your package will be shipped on the 20th of the month. 




  • No membership! Order our current month’s package. No further obligation.
  • $175 + shipping


  • Get a new themed party every month!
  • Auto-renewing on 1st of month, cancel at any time. See cancellation section for details.
  • $145/month + shipping
  • Total savings of $30 per package!


  • Buy a full season of packages or multiple of a theme of your choosing!
  • Keep all three for yourself or send one (or two or all three!) to a friend.
  • Billed at time of purchase.
  • $450 or $150 per package + shipping
  • Total savings of $75!


How do I buy a package as a gift?

  • At checkout you will be asked if your package is a gift! You will then be given the opportunity to add the recipients address and a sweet message.  Note: Whoever is receiving the package will have to show ID upon delivery to sign for the Of The Night package.

If I join as a Monthly Member, can I skip a month?

  • If you are a Monthly Recurring Member and find a theme to not be the right “vibe or fit" you have the ability to skip a month and opt for a Cornucopia package delivery instead. A Cornucopia package isn’t thematic, but instead is a collection of goodies from our favorite brands! Email us at orders@ofthenight.club to chat about this option.



When will my package be shipped? Can I get it sooner?

  • Packages ship on the 20th of every month. If you need your package sooner, we offer rush delivery for an added fee! Shoot us an email orders@ofthenight.club OR call to inquire: 323.515.4255

Tracking information?

  • Tracking information will be sent out upon shipping. Once it has left our hands, it is up to you to keep your eyes open for it!

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • We accept all credit cards.

When will I be billed?

  • One Time Party:
    • You will be billed upon checkout for that one package.
  • Monthly Recurring Membership:
    • You will be billed on the 1st of every month. If you wish to cancel your subscription, you must cancel before the final day of the month if you do not wish to receive the next month's themed experience. Any cancellations after the 1st will result in an automatic renewal and shipment of your monthly party package.
  • 3 Party Bundle:
    • You will be billed one time upon checkout for the entire discounted bundle.



What exactly is in these party packages?

  • Each of our themed party packages come with an element of drink, food, decor, costume, activity and a link to a curated playlist. To find out more details about the specific goodies that are in each of our available packages, visit our "SHOP OUR PACKAGES" page.

Will I see everything in the box before it ships?

  • Of course not silly. We release just enough information about each themed package components for you to get an idea of the evening you are signing up for. But please don’t ask us to tell you any more details and spoil the surprise...we won’t...seriously, don’t try.

I just joined! When can I expect my first package?

  • Welcome! We are so excited to bring some magic to your Night. Unless you have reached out to us regarding a rush delivery, your themed package will be sent out on the 20th of the month listed for the theme. As for when you can expect it, you should have received a tracking number to answer that!

I need parties for my whole office or for a big project. Do you do that? 

  • YES! The only thing we love more than an outrageous party is MORE outrageous parties. Contact us at hello@ofthenight.club and let’s talk.


Can I request any changes to my package?

  • Unfortunately, no. The only change you can make is to purchase any of the Optional Add-ons (i.e. Photo, Birthday, Delivery Via Theatrical Performance). If you have any allergies or aversions, be sure to note them at check out when prompted and we will make sure to adjust your party accordingly!

What if I want my Of The Night package delivered on a different day?

  • For now, we release a new themed package a month, with the 20th being  our only shipping day. If you need your party delivered sooner, shoot us an email (orders@ofthenight.club) and we will do our best to drink our coffee earlier.

What about those under 21 or sober/sober-curious?

  • You must be 21+ to order an Of The Night package. However, if you are not into the harder stuff, please list it under "allergies or aversions" during checkout.



Monthly Recurring Party Membership:

  • If you wish to cancel your membership, you must cancel before the final day of the month if you do not wish to receive the next month's themed experience. Any cancellations after the 1st will result in an automatic renewal and shipment of your monthly party package. 

One Time Only | 3 Party Bundles: 

  • If you have ordered a themed party package and discover that you no longer want it (i.e. going out of town or you’ve lost your mind), a cancellation must be emailed to orders@ofthenight.club prior to the 20th of the month, when our packages are shipped. Unfortunately, cancellations received after a package has been shipped will not be accepted. 


I don’t like my party! Do you accept returns?

  • Our apologies, sweet loves, but all sales are final. Due to the custom nature of our boxes, we are unfortunately not able to accept returns, refund, credit, exchange or transfer after the order has been shipped. Trust us...you won’t regret it. And if you do...call your parents. They miss you. They also love hearing about your drunken mistakes. Or if you are seriously unhappy with any item in particular, please email orders@ofthenight.club and let’s chat!

My package arrived damaged. What do I do?

  • If you received a damaged item, please contact orders@ofthenight.club within 30 days of shipping and we’ll take care of it for you.


Don't see your question answered here? Shoot us an email at hello@ofthenight or call / text us @ 323.515.9455 xx