Crazy Cat Lady
Crazy Cat Lady
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Crazy Cat Lady

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**Packages ship on May 20**

"In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this." – Terry Pratchett

Of The Night is reclaiming unapologetic feline obsession with May's Crazy Cat Lady party package.

Historically, cats have been figures of anxiety - straddling the domestic and the wild. With this Of The Night party package, may we all hope to embody the witchery, sass and no-fucks-given of the Crazy Cat Lady!

10% of proceeds benefit wayOUT. wayOUT empowers LGBTQ+ youth to feel safe being who they really are. Through investing in organizations that provide life-saving resources, wayOUT will change what it means to grow up as a gender or sexual minority in America. Learn more at

Your Crazy Cat Lady Package Includes:

    • Tozai Nigori Sake w/ Cat Cups + Saucer 
    • Hallmark Cards + $2 Bills to Send To Your Kids or Your Friends’ Kids 
    • Canned Fish + Club Crackers 
    • Reading Glasses + Bejeweling Kit  
    • Catnip, A Book of Artful Felines from the MOMA 
    • Happy Pill Case
    • Happy Pill Capsules to Fill with Your Morning Positive Affirmations 
    • All the Yarn + Your Very Own Knitting Kit  
    • Handheld Hummingbird Feeder 
    • Necessary curlers to Hide Your Bedhead 
    • Curated Playlist