Last Dance

Last Dance

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**Packages Ship Nationwide on December 22nd**

    "God had to create Disco music so I could be born" - Donna Summer

    To celebrate the culmination of 2021, we are delivering a party package inspired by our three favorite things: New Year's Eve, Donna Summer and Donna Summer’s birthday.

    Donna Summer was born December 31, 1948 and at 30 years young- she wrote “Last Dance"." Much like the song, this party package is for those of us who have been the last people at a club, because the music and the party is just TOO good-  we know what it’s like to give everything we have to that last boogie.

    NYE is all about the decadence, the glam, the vice. With our Last Dance party package we invite you to embody the hedonism of Donna Summer and leave it all on the dance floor.

    Your Last Dance Package Includes:

    • Artisanal Canned Spritzer
    • Kin Slips Sublingual Strips
    • Balloon Drop Essentials
    • 24k Gold Flower Crown + Wings
    • Donna Summer Birthday Dessert
    • Lit AF Champagne Flutes
    • Midnight Sparklers
    • Karaoke Microphone For Donna Summer Songs ONLY 
    • Disco Ball + Spotlight 
    • CliqOnU Red Nails
    • Curated Playlist + Themed Activities

    Only 60 packages available | Sales End 12/22

    Each package satiates 2 partiers