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Β Packages ship July 15th, August 15th or September 15th.

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"It will be celebrated...with pomp and parade...bonfires and illuminations from one end of this continent to the other." - John Adams

I know you know, but it's been *quite* the year. You deserve a celebration that gets you out of the house and back into your neighborhood. It's time for you to put on your zippable pants and get out and rediscover the world beyond your living room. Is there a new climbable tree at your local park? Which of your favorite bar has reopened? Do you have a new neighbor you haven't waved to yet?

For the past year, Of The Night has been delivering at-home experiences to transform your home space. But society opens up and we feel that pull, that need, that absolute.carnal.craving to get outside and socialize, we thought - why party when you can PARADE?!

So we are delivering quite literally everything you need for you and your gaggle of peeps to produce your very own procession, leading from your house to wherever your Parade route takes you. Be the Grand Marshal of your weekend!

We encourage you to gather your friends, your neighbors, your misfits, your loves, to grow your Parade to a size that is truly bonkers.

EachΒ Parade PartyΒ Package Includes:

  • Ramona Wine Spritzer
  • Ecofetti Biodegradable, Earth-Friendly Confetti
  • Ribbons, For Twirling
  • Map Of Your Town For Your Very Own Parade Route
    + Activities for Various Stops Along Your Parade Route
  • Parade Pins To Pin On Your Parade Cohorts
  • Craft Essentials For Parade Crowns
  • Assorted Candy, Cookies + Snacks
  • Whistles + Assorted Noisemakers
  • Grand Marshal Hat
  • Colorful Parachute for Park Fun
  • Megaphone **batteries not included**
  • A Curated Playlist

10% of proceeds benefit Earth Justice. Since 1971, Earth Justice has been the legal backbone for the environmental movement. At Earth Justice, all clients are represented free of charge.

This Of The Night package theme will retire in the Fall. Packages ship nationwide. Limited packages are available. As always, you must be 21+ to order our magic.